Winter-proof and splendid in summer! KODAs are well insulated

Coming from a Nordic country, it has been obvious for us from the start that any KODA house needs to be extremely well insulated, energy-efficient and hence livable in cold as well as hot climates.

In many countries, factory-produced/mobile homes tend to have a lower level of insulation than site-built homes built in the same era, especially when it comes to older structures. Old houses in any country tend to have more heat loss, with heat dissipating through walls, windows and doors quickly – “The UK is a difficult country to keep warm. It has some of the oldest and leakiest housing stock in western Europe” states The Guardian. Heating a leaky house pushes up your energy costs as well as steepens your impact on the environment.

Photo credit Kelli Roosimägi, Tõnu Tunnel
Photo credit Kelli Roosimägi

To make sure this does not happen with your KODAs, we use triple glazed Viking Window passive house windows as well as their wooden doors, which both close tightly when shut. One way to find out how  resistant your home is to outdoor temperature changes, is to know the building’s U-value. U-values measure how effective the materials used in a building are as insulators. The U-values of KODA constructional elements  range between 0,13 and 0,18 W/m²K.

So whichever energy crisis, soaring gas or electricity prices, might be next for your area, you are quite a bit better off when facing the winter season in a cosy, well-insulated and meticulously built house such as KODA.