Kodasema OÜ is an Estonian architecture, design and engineering firm that creates innovative living and housing solutions. Simplicity and freedom – are the values that a KODA house offers creating more energy and time in many ways.


KODA Loft_Ireland_Photo by Caomhan MurphySustainability is a founding principle of KODA since its creation. By living smaller and consuming fewer things, the footprint one leaves on the environment is already tinier. In addition, factory constructed houses such as KODA also leave a smaller footprint in terms of transport pollution, worker safety, reduced construction waste and urban noise. Building materials need not be repackaged into smaller units to be transported to city centre construction sites in small quantities, but are rather delivered in large quantities to the factory. This generates less garbage and construction waste. It is also no small matter that factory-grade construction also allows for more constant building quality, as moisture has no access during the factory production process. This has resulted in Kodasema becoming a member of One Planet Network.


KODA houses have been designed for mass production right from the start. This also means we can put feedback from partners and customers to good use and constantly improve the design of each KODA, being open to change. This constant strive towards better solutions, better design and architecture is part of our ethos.


Kodasema’s home country Estonia is the 4th largest exporter of factory-made timber houses in the world, widely recognized for the quality of the houses as well as the contemporary technology employed in production. This means plenty of top expertise is available locally when it comes to factory house production on any scale, and Kodasema teams up with a number of Estonia-based partners to make sure KODA modular houses stay at the top of the market.


Since we created KODA, the goal has been to exceed all construction standards, because we know standards tend to become stricter over time. This also meant being somewhat ahead of time – now, in the era of globally spreading viruses, with raised expectations regarding private access and independent ventilation systems, it seems that the world has begun to catch up with the KODA concept.


Multifunctionality for creating contemporary dynamic spaces is something all KODA models embody – KODA houses can be easily transformed many times over, responding to needs: from hotel to office, from café to hair salon, showroom or a student home. KODA Head Architect Ülar Mark strongly believes that the traditional classification of buildings based on their functions is outdated. Therefore KODA design contains everything necessary within the space, and that it can be quickly changed – this is the meaning of contemporary dynamic spaces.


KODA aims for minimum viable space for almost any function, making KODA owners able to instantly switch between different functions, purposes and a multitude of locations. The principle of KODA design is to remove everything that is possible to remove. Everything excessive has been left out, each user can create the environment of personal design needs. The basis of this is that we have cleaned the KODA from stylistic elements – the lack of ornaments and motifs also makes the KODA so universal.

Hannes Tamjärv KODASEMA Founder

Hannes Tamjärv

The original idea at the early stages of Kodasema was to stop wasting energy and start reducing the energy consumption also in the construction industry. Small living spaces often automatically mean less energy is required leaving a smaller footprint. These ideas eventually resulted in the KODA.”




Ülar Mark KODASEMA Head architect, founder
Head architect, founder

Ülar Mark

According to Mr Mark, who is also a keen sailor, the mission of Kodasema was to change the construction sector by developing a small, sustainable and mobile home so that it can be easily placed on vacant or temporarily vacant plots in city centres.  This helps serving the cycles of the real-estate industry in many urban environments, solving the problem of property owners who wish to play with the timing of their development.



Birgit Linnamäe KODASEMA Ceo

Birgit Linnamäe

“The next few decades will see the construction industry change: we all need to work together to make cities and communities safe and sustainable and start building houses as well as cities in an environmentally responsible way. What we need more of are inclusive communities that support fragile ecosystems. We need communities that are built to meet the needs of women, children, the elderly, and ensure a safe home for everyone, so we can learn and grow as a society. KODA is a building block for this process.”



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