KODA Early Winter Sale

It is time to make your tiny lifestyle dream come true!

Here’s your chance to make your best of our Early Winter Sale for the most popular KODA design houses – with super attractive prices and smaller deposits. This is a limited-time offer for European buyers, valid until December 6th, 2023.

Our promise of quality is achieved by careful selection of materials, dedicated work by skilled specialists, by functionality and aesthetics in product design.

All KODA houses are delivered turn-key – ready for you to move in. The standard equipment of your new house includes everything you might need in your daily life – a fully functional kitchen equipped with sink, hob, fridge and cupboards, a tiled bathroom with toilet and shower, also laminate-covered heated floor, built-in ventilation system and tech room prepared for easy plug-in to sewerage, water and electricity. Each KODA is a house for year-round living.

When you opt for a KODA, you will get:
✅ a wooden house with very well thought through construction and layout, functional design produced in certified building facilities
✅ thick walls, roof and ceiling
✅ insulated with mineral wool (fireproof, water/humidity resistant, well breathing)
✅ triple glass windows
✅ high quality materials and equipment (Nilan, Electrolux, Hansgröhe, etc.)

When you order your KODA house(s) now, this is what you can expect:
✅ uncompromised quality
✅ your house(s) will be delivered in Summer 2024 (or later in the year if you wish)
✅ instructions how to prepare for arrival of your house
down payment only 25% (instead of the usual 50%)*

* Next payment in February 2024, last payment min 4 weeks before loading. Enquire more by sending your offer request to sales@kodasema.com.

P.S. Country-specific requirements may apply.

Are you ready!? Here is what’s on offer!

KODA Loft Micro

Gross buildable area 19,95 sqm | Usable floor area 18,26 sqm; L5700, W3500, H4000 mm, weight ca 6.5t

Walkthrough video | Brochure | Order now

* transport surcharge may apply from port of Lübeck to your final destination


Gross buildable area 28,8sqm | Usable floor area 26,7sqm; L7226, W3930, H4000 mm, weight ca 9,5t

Walkthrough video | Brochure | Order now

* transport surcharge may apply from port of Lübeck to your final destination

KODA Loft Extended

Gross buildable area 47,5/50,8 sqm | Usable floor area 45,8 sqm; L12127/13042, W3930, H4000 mm, weight ca 15t

Walkthrough video | Brochure | Order now

* transport surcharge may apply from port of Lübeck to your final destination

KODA Compact Extended

Gross buildable area 47,5/50,8 sqm | Usable floor area 35,4 sqm; L12127/13042, W3930, H3361 mm, weight ca 12t

Walkthrough video | Brochure | Order now

* transport surcharge may apply from port of Lübeck to your final destination

Why do people love KODA houses?

KODA houses incorporate several features and design principles that contribute to their energy efficiency, sustainability and waste reduction:

Well-Insulated: KODA houses typically feature high-quality insulation materials to help maintain indoor temperatures and reduce the need for heating or cooling. While the insulation levels may not be as high as those in passive houses, they are still designed to meet building code standards in different European countries.

Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors: Many prefab homes are designed with energy-efficient windows and doors, which are often double-glazed and properly sealed to prevent heat transfer, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. Read more about KODA energy saving windows here.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems: KODA houses often include energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, which can be controlled and adjusted to maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption. KODA owners can also opt for a Nilan HVAC system. Read more here.

Sustainable Materials: The construction of KODA houses often incorporates sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, reducing the overall environmental impact. This includes the use of engineered wood, recycled content, and other green building practices.

Compact Design: KODA houses are typically designed with a compact footprint and efficient space utilization. Smaller living spaces require less energy for heating and cooling, which can contribute to energy efficiency.

Solar Panel Compatibility: KODA houses can be designed to accommodate solar panels on their roofs, which can generate clean energy and reduce electricity bills.

Tight Construction: Our houses are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the building site fully finished. The controlled factory environment allows for precise construction.

Waste Reduction: The controlled factory environment allows for efficient material usage, resulting in less waste.

Quality Control: The prefab construction process includes rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that all components are built to exact specifications. This quality control results in a more energy-efficient final product with fewer defects or construction errors. Also, since the house is manufactured in an off-site controlled environment, we can guarantee, that the house will be ready as agreed upon signing the sales agreement.

Overall, prefabricated KODA houses are energy-efficient due to their innovative design and use of sustainable materials. These features not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of living.

This all sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Remember – these prices and terms are available only until December 6th 2023, so to figure out which KODA design might suit your personal needs best, write to sales@kodasema.com now, and let’s get the ball rolling!