Fun facts about KODA

We though You might be interested in some fun details about what goes into building a KODA…

How long does it take to build a KODA?
KODA Loft and Loft Micro take about 4 weeks to complete and KODA Loft Extended 8 weeks, from the time of receipt of the materials ordered for your KODA.

How many fasteners have been used in one KODA?
So we counted. The total number of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, rivets in one KODA Loft is 15 175 – quite a number!

How many metres of timber beams are used in the KODAs?
Check out the small table below. You can see that the KODA Loft Extended, being our largest house, requires almost half a kilometre of structural material, to achieve the stability for long distance delivery.

Imagine: if we were to stack the structural beams and posts on top of each other, it would come more or less to the height of the Eiffel Tower.

How many cables are there hidden in the KODA walls?
A single KODA Loft includes 150m of cables (electric and LAN), a KODA Loft Extended nearly 300m and the tiny KODA Loft Micro 120m.

What else would you want to find out about KODA? Fill us in and we can write about it.