How do KODAs differ?!

Having built and shipped KODA houses to 14 countries, meeting with other house producers, seeing other tiny houses on wheels or pontoons or simply on land, we thought of briefly pausing on – how KODA is different. KODA has been referred to as a ‘house with innovative design’, but what are the main features, and what makes it stand out?

The main and possibly most striking design feature of KODA houses – from the very start – are our high ceilings. This is something that sets KODA apart from other tiny houses: due to the high ceilings, your KODA feels and looks spacious on the inside – more than you might expect from the outside. The high ceilings have become also more common for other producers, but rather for houses with pitched roofs.

Our focus when designing KODA houses has always been on modern aesthetics – leaving out all that is extra – patterns, ornaments etc. We have kept the interior very simple and mostly monochrome, making an exception with some marine blue in the KODA Loft Extended. Our focus is on building with wood and timber, but we combine it with other most innovative materials, always looking for the best on the market.

Functionality is also a key KODA feature: how the stairs in the Extended model double as shelving, how the kitchen worktop is designed at an angle for a more comfortable seating, how the rainwater drainage on Loft and Loft Micro models has been solved with a ladder and the way motion sensors provide users additional safety in the dark, switching on a small light under the handrail. The entire house has been carefully designed with spatial efficiency in mind.

Your KODA’s integrated terrace, extending the space outside, adds to the comfortable living experience, aiming to maximise both indoor and outdoor areas.

In addition: what sets factory-built houses apart from on-location construction is that the team that builds your KODA is building every KODA – they know these houses through-and-through, to the finest detail, which helps us offer you impeccable building quality.

In conclusion – we design and build you houses that do not feel like a “tiny house”, but rather a REAL house. KODAs just come on a smaller scale, helping you leave a smaller footprint whilst still enjoying exceptional quality of life.

You can visit the above pictured KODAs Tiny House Bodensee in Austria and Basecamp Ijmuiden in the Netherlands.