KODA in the Americas

KODA by Kodasema®, an award winning sustainable modular housing solution, will be offered in the Americas by Big Sun Modular as of January 2022.




Big Sun Modular announced on December 28, 2021 that they will become the exclusive KODA licensee in the Americas, with Brian Dawson elected as President.The modular houses will be built in existing facilities in Brooklyn, NY; Portland, OR; Monterrey, Mexico and Calgary, Canada. KODA is made available in volumetric and prefab and soon to follow in 3D printed versions.


KODA prioritizes a minimalist Nordic design approach without sacrificing functionality. The houses are designed in Estonia and have been adapted to exceed local building codes and energy requirements. All models can be configured as a residence, commercial space, café or pop-up and repurposed many times over. KODAs are turnkey and engineered for minimal environmental impact.

To learn more about KODA by Kodasema® houses, please visit Kodasema global website.

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