What are the differences between KODA models?

When talking to our potential customers and people interested in KODAs, we have gotten quite a few questions that indicate a certain confusion about our model lineup. So we thought, we’d give a short and easy explanation of the main differences between our current models.

Basically Kodasema model lineup can be divided into two – the Loft series and the Compact series, which mainly differ by the height of the house. Both series are furthermore divided into the more narrower Micro, the “regular” (or classic) and the Extended versions. There are also a few “special” models – like the KODA Compact Luxury Sauna and KODA Compact Extended Hotel 3-in-1.

Also, KODA houses can be put on floating pontoons enabling extended waterfront properties, but this isnt a separate KODA model – all KODA houses can be placed on pontoons.

KODA Loft Micro is our smallest Loft model – staying under 20 sqm, it enables easier permit procedures in many countries. While being shorter in length and a tiny bit narrower than the classic Loft model, it still retains the same height as its bigger brother, delivering the high ceilings KODAs are known for.

KODA Loft is our most beloved and sought after model. The elegant 26sqm house includes an open-space living room, a full size sleeping area, a shower room with toilet, a kitchen and a wooden terrace. Year around living is enabled by the mineral wool insulation and floor heating (or/and optional HVAC system for even more comfort).

KODA Loft Extended can accommodate families more easily than the KODA standard-sized units. The house gives more privacy with a completely separable sleeping area, but also offering sufficient storage space for a convenient stay. The 45,8 sqm KODA Loft Extended caters for broader needs offering an extra room at the back of the house.

KODA Compact Micro is a small and compact house under 20sqm, making it possible to install it without a building permit in a number of European countries. As a micro office, this KODA model will give you some quiet time and space for working without really leaving home. You can just link this KODA up to an extension cord from your main building or connect to the mains for a full-function house with a shower-toilet and a kitchenette.

KODA Compact shows how micro living solutions can make the finest design accessible to more people. KODA Compact is also known as ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), granny flat, in-law unit, backyard cottage, secondary unit and more. Use it for private housing or urban infill development projects for commercialization.

KODA Compact Extended offers the same footprint as the KODA Loft Extended, but in a lower form, making it more suitable for certain locations where height is a potential issue.