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Helsinki Fashion Week and Kodasema announce partnership to inhabit the EcoVillage

Helsinki, Finland, July 06, 2018 – Helsinki Fashion Week has announced partnership with mobility- house innovator Kodasema, to emphasise on the changing city landscape of the future while materialising the predictions by inhabiting the EcoVillage, during Helsinki Fashion Week, 20–25 July in Säiliö 468.

As the world is transforming along with cultural trends, city development and shifting value proposition, housing and living are rising to the center stage of these changes when space becomes increasingly stronger indicator of wealth in the modern society.

To personally experience the opportunities and effects of the growing trend of mobility housing, Helsinki Fashion Week Founder Evelyn Mora will be inhabiting the EcoVillage in Kodasema’s KODA house during the fashion week, as part of the EcoVillage reporting initiative.

The collaborative investigates life in the EcoVillage as a future oriented hands-on experience, seeking to understand the possibilities of circular living and lifestyle. In addition to the project titled HUM4N EXPERIENCE, the KODA will function as a gathering place for Helsinki Fashion Week lectures, workshops and interviews. This way the partnership allows to illustrate the possibilities of circular and community-focused mobility living in a way that would not otherwise be possible, as it is the ultimate test and proof of concept on a larger scale.

Press Contacts

About Helsinki Fashion Week
Evelyn Mora
Founder, Helsinki Fashion Week
+358 44 938 4452

About Kodasema
Birgit Linnamäe
Head of Business Dev., Kodasema
+372 5128000

Helsinki Fashion Week 2018 showcases 30 sustainable fashion designers to international buyers, press, and fashion industry professionals. The independent event offers new experiences and information to visitors through the EcoVillage platform, built around circular and sharing economies. The event aims to inspire sustainable urban development and cross-industry solutions to current and future environmental challenges in the fashion business.

Kodasema is an Estonian-based design firm innovating living and housing solutions. Their KODA and KODA Loft houses are future-proof movable houses equipped with a living room space, a lofty bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The KODA functions as a home, hotel, cafe, studio, community space or even a business hub, while being produced off site with high-precision and uncompromising quality. The Kodasema technology for mass production of innovative modules can be applied for different types of architectural solutions, making the KODA the perfect and aesthetically pleasing smart city/urban infill solution.

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