Public sector KODAs in Germany 🇩🇪

Schulcampus Mitte Infopoint, Römerstrasse 87, Heidelberg, Germany (photo: Philipp Rothe)

KODAs have proven to be multi-purpose on a number of occasions. In addition to the housing and accommodation function which has been the main use of KODAs, we have also shown you KODAs set up as studio shops, art exhibition spaces, school rooms, cafés, offices, hairdressers, pop-up clinics and flower shops.

Now we have another function to add to the list – a hub.

Last autumn, the city of Heidelberg in Germany urgently needed a KODA as the plans of introducing the local school campus developments started moving forward at a fast pace and the municipal government needed to set up an information pavilion to showcase the new development plans. KODA provided an excellent solution and as we happened to have one KODA Loft Micro in stock, we were able to ship it to Heidelberg immediately.

Today, this KODA Loft Micro has become a hub to showcase the planned development  of the school campus area. The modern wooden pavilion has become the central information point for the planned Mitte school campus between the West and South of the town. Pupils, teachers and local residents can find out more about the planned transformation of Heidelberg’s largest school location, and events are also planned there by the building department of the city of Heidelberg.

It is a fine example for the municipal governments and housing societies (e.g. Wohnungsbaugesellschaften in Germany), on how it’s possible to be creative when providing solutions for rental housing, additional space for schools, kindergartens and clubs, citizen engagement hubs, etc – all of which can be easily and flexibly set up with our prefabricated, top-quality and durable KODA house modules. It has been an honour already working with hanova, the housing association of the city of Hanover with long-term rental houses produced by Kodasema.

Work in the Government? Why do KODAs make for an excellent solution especially in Germany?

First and foremost: KODAs comply with the stringent norms in Germany, are BMF Cert Ü-Mark certified and our cooperation with German engineers will be of added value to any new projects in the country.

But there are many other reasons to opt for KODA. The German housing construction market is busy, but as the cost of land is already high, the final cost of any project becomes critical to success. One of the big benefits of choosing to buy a KODA as opposed to opting for stick-built / on-site construction, is the fixed price of your future house or houses: there will be no surprise additional costs regarding the build, once you’ve signed the contract.

KODAs also make a lot of sense in redensification of urban spaces, as our project in Hanover with the local housing company hanova proves – while there may be lack of space for making new larger rental houses in some urban blocks, it is easy and hassle-free to add rental units with KODA houses in just the size you need.

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