NEW! KODA Compact Extended – latest addition to our product family


Time to welcome a newcomer to the party! We can finally share the first batch of professional pictures of the KODA Compact Extended, a house for people who love a bit of extra space, but really don’t like climbing stairs!

KODA Compact models have a 2.7 m high ceiling – no mezzanine accessed by stairs – but are otherwise based on our original timber frame KODA Loft series.

This makes KODA Compact models particularly suitable for those who wish to keep their daily life on a small footprint, but also on a single floor. The KODA Compact basic model has a usable floor area of 20.5 sqm, whereas the KODA Compact Extended stretches out to a more luxurious 35.4 sqm.

It is a modern and sustainable living solution for those seeking a small, flexible, and eco-friendly home. Same as all KODA houses, Compact series are portable by nature, make efficient use of space, and focus on sustainability, making these houses a wonderful and cosy option for individuals or families looking for a versatile and comfortable living space.


The internal height of all Compact models is 2.7m – in comparison with the 3.3m of KODA Loft models – still higher than your average apartment and definitely a tiny house. A rear terrace and side windows are optional extras.

Exterior and interior finish options are the same as applicable for our KODA Loft Extended model. You can opt for either fully plywood interior finish or a combination of roughly sawn timber and plywood (as can be seen on the photos). Bathrooms and fixtures are identical.

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Good news for true foodies: the kitchen in the KODA Compact Extended offers a bigger L-shaped countertop area for cooking and kitchen appliances. In our standard solution we offer simple shelving on the wall, whereas a great storage option with cabinets is available to order as part of the additional equipment. We can install a dishwasher, oven and a 4-zone cooktop upon request so you get a full luxury kitchen. A 2-zone induction cook-top and an integrated fridge are already included in our standard equipment.


Its small size allows this house to fit in different urban or rural environments, making it a suitable single bedroom house for both crowded urban areas and serene countryside settings. This size KODA serves ideally as a home, rental unit, ADU, guest-house, your private getaway house, holiday retreat, senior home – or also an excellent 2-room office, a small business, shop, therapy room. KODAs are multifunctional, so do not let this range of functions be a hindrance, rather a start: you can easily convert your KODA from one use to another.

Psst! There’s something else that makes all KODA Compact models an attractive choice – their smaller weight and height means lower transport costs.

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