Meet German KODA agent Ziemdorf

Meet our German KODA Agent Rolf Ziemdorf

Meet Rolf Ziemdorf – the longest-serving and most successful KODA agent

Rolf arrived from Germany to visit our manufacturing facilities in summer 2018 and joined our team on the spot. To this date he has facilitated the biggest number of KODA acquisitions / purchases compared to any other sales partner. We can proudly say Rolf has covered Germany with KODAs. See the KODA map here >>>

Those of you who have been following us since the early days may remember that we wrote about Rolf already back then. This article is celebrating a 5 year anniversary of working together – thank you, Rolf, and here’s to many more years!

I first noticed KODA in a brochure about the economy of Estonia – and it was love at first sight. KODA was all I had been looking for: design, quality and the perfect space merged to the max. It is a perfect component for German cities (like Frankfurt) to provide affordable space to live. Especially for students or people who don’t want or need that much space. Living and staying, whether at home, in a hotel or as a retreat, does not truly require a huge space: the space just has to be tailored to our needs. All this is fulfilled by the KODA design house and we would like to bring it closer to people in Germany. If you ask the people who live in a KODA or have had the chance to stay a night or two, what they think about KODA: they are really blown away and will end up buying or have already bought a KODA themselves. To this statement there is nothing to add.

What have been the main challenges during your time working with KODAs?

People always want to experience the feeling of a KODA. Estonia is an established and trustworthy producer of wooden prefab houses. However, the Building Permit process here in Germany can be somewhat of a hardship – we have 16 federal states and 16 different laws concerning the permit. Small prefab houses were not in the mind of people when the permit laws were written, and the requirements are complex even for tiny homes. Here’s where choosing specifically KODA can come handy: KODAs are equipped with professional documentation as well as building certificates, and this is the key to overcoming any permit issues.

What keeps you going and motivated?

KODA is a priceworthy premium product, made in a sophisticated manner. I love the house, the design, and I especially treasure the moment when happy customers step into their KODA for the first time. Some of them have become friends and also I love the team that keeps KODA running in Tallinn!

Rolf is a very valuable member of our team as he has been travelling miles to supervise the first international installations of the KODA and continues to do so today. It has been his calling to actively pursue his goals of popularising the KODAs in Germany. One of the biggest accomplishments include the KODA project with municipal housing association hanova in the city of Hanover and our numerous private customers across Germany.

You can meet Rolf starting July 1st at Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival in the KODA stand or contact him already today to enquire about KODAs:

Rolf Ziemdorf
60318 Frankfurt
Tel: + 49 6959793330
Mobile: +49 1718216285