KODA Loft Extended Showroom arrived in IJmuiden, Netherlands!

KODA Loft Extended in Ijmuiden-Holland. Photo Credit Paul Vreeker

There are now two KODA showrooms in the Netherlands! You can explore KODA Loft in Ouddorp, and now – from 25 June – get a feel for our KODA Loft Extended in IJmuiden! This KODA is also set up for accommodation, so you now have an excellent place to stay, should you be in the area – at the Basecamp Tiny House Eco Resort, IJmuiden.

Basecamp Co-founder Erling Sibesma trusts KODA’s modern touch to have a broad reach, being both no-nonsense and playful at the same time. “What more can I say…it’s a wonderful addition to our www.compact-housing.com collection. The stylish exterior and interior makes KODA Loft Extended very popular: it took only two days upon arrival to sell a KODA to an investor, and he is looking to buy another one for another Basecamp location. We have our own production facility in Latvia. But the worldwide demand for affordable housing for 1-2 person households is increasing every year – and diversification is needed. In KODA, I saw the right model and the right growth partner to buddy up with, because Kodasema can deliver the amounts we are looking at within project developments. To be honest, we adjusted some of our own processes just by looking at the ordering process of KODA houses. Very professional. This is how it is done.”

Read an article about Basecamp in Noordhollands Dagblad: “Basecamp in IJmuiden aan Zee wants to expand internationally: a worldwide network of workplaces for digital nomads and environmentally conscious tourists.”
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Contact for visiting KODA Loft Extended Showroom in Basecamp Tiny House Resort, IJmuiden

Compact Housing B.V.
Ashwin Blauw
Kennemermeer 27
1976 GK, IJmuiden
E-mail: ashwin@compact-housing.com
Tel: +31 641 860476
Web: www.compact-housing.com


Contact for visiting KODA Loft Showroom in Vakantiepark De Klepperstee, Ouddorp

KODA Netherlands | Wonen in Hout b.v.
Johan Mulder
E-Mail: netherlands@kodasema.com
Tel: +313 5609 0903
Mob: +316 5317 3589

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