KODA engineering consultant Ralf Steinmetz – a German Pro!

Engineer Ralf Steinmetz between KODA houses

As you may know, we highly value working with world-class professionals in the field. So it was an honour for us back in 2018, to meet and make an alliance with a leading German structural engineer, Dipl Ing Ralf Steinmetz. Ralf, a structural engineer, certified expert, renowned speaker and academic lecturer, has become a key strategic partner – a treasured member in our team – who we rely on to guide customers with questions about German and European engineering requirements.

Being detailed, in-depth and precise may sometimes be burdensome, but beneficial for the absolute uncompromising quality of product and service for sure. The long-term trustworthy relationship with Ralf Steinmetz in addition to Kodasema in-house engineering and competencies are an added value, giving insight into Central European norms, regulations requirements and permits.

Occasionally, Dipl Ing Steinmetz travels with us to various KODA locations and advises on KODA planning projects, especially with property developers across Europe. We work with Ralf regarding matters relating to structural strength and expert building practices when producing KODA houses, as well as supervising clients on foundations, stacking, fire safety, and beyond.

Working with data and technical calculations is also important for ensuring the risk-free lifting, handling and shipping of KODA houses, and resisting wind and snow loads in specific locations, to name a few. Ralf cares about what goes on around him and takes an interest in people, nature and environment. We have shared values, and working with Ralf, overcoming the hardships and complexities of projects, is always fun.

On his practice: SuS-Ingenieure GmbH was founded in 2001 as a merger of various engineering disciplines in structural engineering with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Their team of trained solid, steel and timber construction engineers guarantees competent advice and timely execution. Having studied at the KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie – earlier known as Universität Karlsruhe), Ralf Steinmetz now lectures at the Hochschule Karlsruhe – University of Applied Sciences.

KODA buyers in need of a structural report (Standsicherheitsnachweis), planning and groundwork advice or any other question relating to their KODA property development project in Europe, can order Dipl Ing Ralf Steinmetz engineering services by contacting him directly.
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