KODA at the Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival 🇩🇪

KODA Karlsruhe Festival

Europe’s largest Tiny House Festival New Housing is coming up and this one is definitely worth paying a visit! We will be showing an actual KODA house in Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival in Germany between 30 June and 2 July at Stand H45, as well as greet you at the stand H45_1 in the hall near Gate 1/Tor 1.

Europe’s largest Tiny House Festival is dedicated to showcasing and promoting the concept of minimalist and sustainable living without compromise. It is THE biggest and best established tiny house event in the region. This year’s motto is: How much space does it take to feel good? To dream? To live? 

The event brings together tiny house enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses involved in the tiny house industry. Visitors have the opportunity to explore over 30 tiny house models, learn about innovative design concepts, and discover eco-friendly living solutions.

During the festival, there are tiny houses on display, ranging from fully furnished models to unfinished shells, those on wheels and without wheels. Visitors can tour the houses and get a firsthand experience of the compact living spaces and unique designs. At Kodasema Stand H45 and 45_1, Festival guests will be able to take advantage of a Surprise Special Price Offer for selected models of KODA houses.

The Festival also features workshops, seminars and presentations by experts in the field of tiny houses, covering topics such as construction techniques, off-grid living, sustainable materials, and financing.

The Tiny House Festival includes a marketplace where visitors can browse and purchase a variety of products and services related to tiny house living. This may include furniture, decor, appliances, renewable energy systems, and more. There is also a food area where one can spend good time on the lovely summer weekend.

Come and meet us in the KODA house H45 outside in the garden and Stand H45_1 in the Hall:

  • talk to us
  • ask any questions about KODAs
  • look, feel and touch a KODA
  • and purchase your KODA(s) for a Surprise Special Price valid for Sales Agreements signed at the event only.

    You will meet Ülle Penjam, our Client Relations Manager, Ralf Steinmetz KODA engineering consultant in Germany; Rolf Ziemdorf KODA agent in Germany as well as the KODA Schwarzwald team.

Don’t forget to get your tickets & see you in Karlsruhe!

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