Come meet KODA at Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival!

Our KODA Loft Micro is en route to the Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival in Germany. The event will take place already on June 30 – July 2, 2023 with a pre-day on June 29th.

Our team of KODA experts will be there to meet you in person in Stand H45 of the Arena.

You will meet:

Birgit Linnamäe – Kodasema CEO (29 and 30 June)
Ülle Penjam – Kodasema client relations manager (29 June – 2 July)
Rolf Ziemdorf – KODA sales expert in Germany, Cubus-K, (1 and 2 July)
Ralf Steinmetz – KODA engineering partner in Germany, KODA Schwarzwald, (29 June – 2 July)

And a local support team – all eager to introduce you to your KODAs.

Schedule a meeting here >>>

SO, if you are in the DACH region, France or Benelux, and have been longing to see a KODA or more specifically a KODA Loft Micro – here’s your opportunity to meet our team in person, discuss your project, ask questions and dream, as well as touch and feel a real KODA house.


We offer 4 KODA models (Europe, standard equipment) at special festival prices *:

* Conditions apply – standard equipment prices are DAP Hanover, further shipping at extra cost.

Bonus: All EXTRAS at -20% only valid for orders signed
in Karlsruhe by 2 July 2023.

What is the Karlsruhe Tiny House Festival like? Europe’s largest Tiny House Festival brings together tiny house enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses involved in the tiny house industry. Visitors have the opportunity to explore over 30 tiny house models, learn about innovative design concepts, and discover eco-friendly living solutions. Don’t forget to get your tickets & see you in Karlsruhe, also known as the gateway to the Schwarzwald – the famous Black Forest!

KODA Schwarzwald
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Steinmetz
Tel. +49 7243 54 22 22

Read more about the German engineering pro Ralf Steinmetz here.