How do you know your KODA is sustainable?

KODA Park Tallinn evening lights

Being growingly conscious about ecological footprint, our clients nearly always ask about sustainability: what kind of certificates KODA has or comes with or how we interpret sustainability. And we’re happy to report sustainability has always been one of Kodasema’s top priorities.

KODA has received several acknowledgements in recent years regarding being a sustainable product with a small footprint.

Recently, Kodasema was interviewed for a research paper “Sustainable Production and Consumption”, providing relevant conceptual and empirical contributions to the growing field of sufficiency and emerging research stream on business contributions to sufficient consumption. Read the full article.

Due to delivering KODAs globally, we’ve made sure to be recognized by several regional and local certification bodies, thus KODAs have the German Ü-Mark Certificate (Reg no 15006-HT-2020-1), and a KIWA Certification (2020 | SERRER0969) in progress. KODAs comply with the norms of Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL and RIL 107-2012 adopted in Estonia, Guide to Water and Moisture Protection in Buildings.

For technological development and more complex, large-size KODA communities, Kodasema collaborates closely with accredited German structural engineering office Sus-ingenieure and Dipl Ing Ralf Steinmetz.