Financing your KODA purchase in Germany

KODA Micro village. Photo by Tõnu Tunnel.

Good news for anyone looking to buy a KODA or several: GLS Bank now offers to finance the purchase of KODAs in Germany.

The technology, sustainability and energy-efficiency of the KODA houses are constantly being improved. We are happy that Kodasema sales partner in Germany, Cubus-K GmbH has been liaising with the German GLS Bank that represents the same values any KODA house stands for: consistent sustainability, orientation towards people’s needs and economically responsible action. You can now enquire to finance the purchase of your KODA with GLS bank, the processing is quick and done online, just bear in mind this offer stands for Germany only.

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To find out about financing your KODA in Germany, contact:
To reach out to KODA sales partner in Germany, contact:


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