Energy-saving KODA windows 🪟

Did you know that one-layered leaky windows could be responsible for up to 30% of your home’s heat loss? However, when you are a KODA owner, this is none of your concern: all your windows are triple-glazed. As you know, we at Kodasema put a lot of emphasis on using high quality materials for building KODAs. That includes the windows and doors which are all tailor-made for each KODA by an Estonian supplier Viking Window.

We have been working together with Viking Window for several years now and seen both companies grow, improve, meet high quality standards and become certified in numerous countries. Viking Window is a trustworthy partner whose products we can highly recommend for any climate.

During the time of energy crisis, as well as to meet the growingly tough building requirements for even tiny homes, you should pay attention to your doors and windows in order to save on your energy bills. Therefore, triple-glazed windows have become a must in Northern climates, and they really pull their weight. It is a science of its own: triple-glazing, Low-E, cool-lite, energy-efficient. Let’s delve into these window-specifics in further detail and see what it all means.

We all want our home temperatures to be comfortable – not too warm, not too cold. This is where the professional glass and window specialists play an important role. The glass used for making Viking Window products comes from Saint-Gobain – a renowned manufacturer of high-quality glass products.

The range of innovative window solutions they offer provide excellent sun protection and temperature control, such as Cool-lite SKN 154 glass – Low-E glass coating. Cool-Lite is the product name for a specific selective layer (Low-E coating), which is used as a so-called 2-in-1 solution: it simultaneously reduces the heat of the sun coming into the room, providing sun protection and also reduces the amount of indoor warmth escaping. The numbers next to this product name (e.g. 154; 176 etc.) refer to the solar protection degree – the lower the number, the less solar heat enters the house.

This type of glass is designed to block a significant amount of solar radiation from entering interior spaces while still allowing natural daylight to illuminate the room. By reducing the amount of solar heat gain, the sun protection Low-E glass helps prevent interior spaces from heating up excessively, especially during hot summer months,” explains Viking Window Quality Manager Indrek Rüütel. “This feature ensures a comfortable indoor environment and reduces the need for excessive and costly cooling. It is particularly suited to large areas of glazing – like the KODA facade window – where superior solar control performance is required whilst at the same time noticeably reducing excessive heat loss,” he adds.

KODA windows have the following characteristics:

So in conclusion, the four key features what you get with the aforementioned characteristics are:

  • Temperature Control
  • Energy Savings
  • Maximum Daylight and Bright Atmosphere
  • Comfortable Interiors

In many older houses with subpar windows the quality may not be optimal, resulting in poor insulation and limited sun protection. As a result, these interiors often face challenges such as excessive heat during summers and cold drafts during winters. This can lead to discomfort and increased energy consumption for cooling and heating purposes.

KODAs on the other hand do provide passive house windows by a reliable partner and can save an important amount of energy costs in the long run.

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