KODA USER EXPERIENCE: Interview with Frederik Ast

Credit for Hannover photos: Stabil & Grazil

Interview with Frederik Ast, student of landscape architecture and environmental planning and new KODA Loft tenant in Linden-Süd, Hannover.

Hello Freddy, you moved in at the beginning of August; how are you in your new apartment – have you settled in well?

Hello! I have to say, I’ve settled in fantastically well. At first I had the feeling that I must check out the next morning, because the house had a vacation feel to it. But I’ve been able to ease into that feeling, and can now say that this has become my home.

How was the first evening in your new home?

I spent the first evening here with several friends, invited them for a burger after moving – they all sort of spread out in the room. For me, that has proven that you can live sociably even in a small space.

Credit for Hannover photos: Stabil & Grazil

Did you have an immediate idea of ​​how to furnish your tiny house?

I actually drew a scaled plan early on, and placed a few items. At first I was surprised how much space a desk can take up. So I placed it in front of the large front window, and I am very satisfied.

What do you like best about your minimalist house?

I like the spatial concept most – it makes the square meters seem completely irrelevant. Because of the large window, there is much less of a  barrier between the inside and the outside garden, and the other walls give me security and almost the feeling of a cocoon. The tiny house comes to life because of the large window facade, and the high ceiling. That’s why I don’t feel constricted at all.

In your opinion, what is the advantage of a tiny house?

By moving from my previous flat share to the tiny house, I was even able to expand – from just under 14 square meters to double that. Due to the somewhat smaller household and storage space, I am often encouraged to question myself: do I really need this? That helps me to support the minimalist lifestyle and to be satisfied with less.

Do you already have a favorite spot in your house?

Most of the time I’m at my desk. Basically, every corner and every niche is still exciting for me, be it the kitchen or the bathroom. But the desk space with the view to the outside is currently my favorite. To have this large, open view of the garden every day is definitely a win for me.

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