Upgrade your life by downsizing

KODA Loft Micro at night By Tõnu Tunnel

An inspiring example of making the life-changing decision of upgrading by downsizing comes from Yvan Mees, our newest KODA Loft Micro owner in Belgium. “I’ve become a minimalist, as my big house – 200 sqm – just didn’t fit anymore! This turned into a long search for a solution to fit my new thoughts. And a tiny house – that was it!!” he explains.

After having explored four other tiny house companies in the region, Yvan says he was sold from the moment he visited the KODA showroom in the Netherlands. “I knew immediately that this was a company that understood how to go so small and still create a sense of spaciousness.” He ordered his KODA Loft Micro – one of our newest KODA designs – the following day. Yvan’s KODA was ready to be shipped within 4 months.

“In all honesty, I had moments where I thought, what have I done now… Also because many of my friends and acquaintances were surprised when I told them that my new house was 10 times smaller than my current house. But now, after having received my KODA, I am very satisfied with it and all the skeptics were surprised by the quality and finish, but especially by the spacious feeling. I’m quite proud that I am the first in Belgium with a KODA home – but it certainly will not be for long!”

Read more: Tiny house movement has been gaining popularity for many years now. Financial planner Liz Frazer explains in a recent Forbes article what the main benefits of a small home are. People opting to downsize see it as a way to simplify their life, free up time and obviously save money. You won’t have to fix appliances in 6 different rooms, or constantly look for stuff misplaced around the house, instead you can enjoy the minimalism in a smaller space with less items and less things to worry about.

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