Two floors of KODA is better than one: KODA Compact

KODA Loft and compact two storey

Responding to the requests of developers, our new KODA Compact houses are fully stackable, allowing to create two-storey apartment buildings of the 35 m2 KODA Compact houses, making even better use of the space available in tight urban locations.

Use it for land that is temporarily vacant, waiting to be built, waiting for master planning, or for land that only allows up to two storeys, KODA Compact is es- pecially suitable for setting up quick rental apartment buildings.

We are now taking booking orders for KODA Compact series, with usable space both 21 m2 and 35 m2. KODA Compact fact sheets available for down- loading on our website. Take a closer look and rush to order prior to Christmas to receive a special price.