The New KODA Park in Tallinn Harbour Broadens the Heart of the City toward the Sea

KODA Park Tallinn_event_photo by Kelli Roosimagi

Yesterday, on June 11th, Kodasema introduced the new KODA Park soon to be opened in Tallinn Harbour’s A-Terminal area. Partners and potential renters were shown the KODA houses, meet their makers and learn about the coming development.

KODA Park in Tallinn, Estonia is the first pop-up village of its kind, combining contemporary lifestyle with a business environment.  The village docks 20 compact KODA houses, which functions vary from accommodation, shops, cafes to work and office clusters.  The gates to visitors will be opened at the end of June, but yesterday, first tenants and partners from Port of Tallinn, Arco Vara real estate and local press were invited to a preview of KODA Park.

The first urban eco-friendly KODA Park is situated in the middle of the “golden mile” between palatial Kadriorg Park and the hip and trendy Kalamaja district – on the northern docks of the Old City Harbour Admiralty Basin.

According to the founder of Kodasema, Hannes Tamjärv, the small KODA house takes less energy and leaves a smaller ecological footprint.

“With KODA Park, the city will have an innovative example of an effective and mobile living environment – on just 25 square metres one can live, work, rest or simply be, and easily change the purpose of the house according to the needs of the town district or user,” explains Tamjärv.

The new concept KODA Park enables the city to quickly modify itself – the whole village can be erected in only a couple months, which differs greatly from the traditional building methods that are much more time-consuming due to permit and construction procedures, which may at times takes years.

“This gives landowners a wonderful opportunity to make their empty lots profitable during the wait or potential tenants can test their businesses in new locations,” says Kodasema CEO Birgit Linnamäe.

Kodasema wants to promote and support Tallinn’s vision to open its access to the sea to its citizens and visitors.

“KODA’s architectural aesthetics and their multifaceted social buzz only add value to the locals, businesses and city planners, and help in broadening the heart of the city towards the sea,” believes the KODA Head Architect and founder Ülar Mark, whose design recently won another award at the DNA Paris competition.

The real estate partner for KODA Park, Kristo Soitu foresees that the harbour area will receive a completely new look and it will become a new attraction to the visitors of Estonia.

“The newly erected temporary KODA Park makes this vision real today,” concludes Hannes Tamjärv.

The KODA Park concept can create villages and cityscapes in any part of the world, wherever interest and need for living or working spaces arises, be it public or private.