The KODA Park of Spain is Searching for Co-Development Partners

KODA Park of Marbella, Spain

The Town Hall of Marbella (Marbella Delegación de Urbanismo) has approved the build-out project on the Kodasema site in El Rosario as of this February. Located in a developing business district, a 5-minute walk to the sea, the site will facilitate up to 26 KODAs of a mixed “live–work–eat–be” function in the first Spanish KODA Park.

Urban community building is at the heart of Kodasema. Due to consistently rising urbanisation rates, the growing number of one person households is drastically increasing the need for new small apartments. With its sustainably factory-builtmodular houses, KODA is a hassle-free and efficient solution to the global housing shortage wherever the need arises.

Kodasema is currently searching for co-development partners in construction, development and real-estate to realize the KODA Park in El Rosario as soon as possible. The developer needs to have the reach and scope to co-develop and operate the proposed first Spanish KODA Park housing 26 KODAs for living, working and food&drink.

The El Rosario site also contains a water pool, enabling KODA Park to set up even more varied businesses and services, ranging from co-working to shops, recreation, services, cafés and accommodation.

In case of interest, please contact Birgit Linnamäe, CEO of Kodasema at

Image credit: KODA by Kodasema.