Spacedrip off-grid technology launched in KODA


Autonomous water access and sanitation for off-grid micro homes launched in a KODA community. Spacedrip water purification systems provide both sewage treatment and clean water by creating a water circulation. Spacedrip on-the-ground purification robot cleans the water from your lavatory, dishwasher and shower on the spot, making it usable again. The purified water can be used for irrigation, lavatory flushing, showering and in a later stage  cooking. Spacedrip purification systems enable reusing up to 95% of water and are ideal for 5-15 people.

Spacedrip is an Estonian startup founded in 2020 and Kodasema has been partnering up with Spacedrip to provide water and sewage to KODA communities in locations where connecting KODAs to water and sewage systems is impossible or not viable. Our Kodasema affiliate team has been developing water purification systems to provide good water access and sanitation in remote locations since 2019. Our joint pilot was taking Kodasema head office water and wastewater off-grid in April 2020.

AuveTech set up the world’s smallest electric car showroom in a KODA and the staff at their Tallinn showroom now benefit from an autonomous water and sewage system built with Spacedrip. AuveTech – the world’s most compact and flexible level 4 autonomous shuttle.

How does Spacedrip work? – wastewater runs through membrane bioreactor and filtration systems, reverse osmosis secures pure water access. The system is self-managing and the process can be monitored online. The first KODA to enjoy this breakthrough in process automation, is Auvetech’s KODA office in Tallinn. Pre-booking for Spacedrip independent water solution is now open for international orders starting from 2022.

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