NEW: Your garden office – KODA Compact Micro

KODA Compact Micro

Our tiniest KODA Loft Micro now available also in a lower – Compact – version. To meet the continuing demand for home offices,  Kodasema is happy to introduce an even smaller backyard office, available at this point exclusively in Europe. We have gone more compact and more micro, resulting in KODA Compact Micro to enable families to be closer together or give each other privacy whilst homeschooling and home office find ways to coexist. Without the upstairs loft area there is ease of transport, planning and space. Where would you place yours? Let us know  and we’ll give you a price quote for your new office. Do it right now, and you could have your KODA Compact Micro delivered in August 2021.

The new KODA Compact Micro is under 20sqm and it may be possible to install it without a building permit in some European countries. This makes setting up your new office several steps faster. For a shed/office use, you can just link this KODA up to an extension cord from your main building. Water and sewage connections are also available and optional, should you plan for a full-function house. The mini-kitchen and toilet-shower room of this KODA are ready to be used upon connecting, so this KODA can also be easily set up as your guesthouse or an extra space for a family member.

As a micro office, this KODA model will give you some quiet time and space for working without really leaving home. Remote work is something we will need to get accustomed to these days, so investing in a KODA which arrives fully assembled, solves the issue of on-site home remodelling which tends to mean months-long hassle, noise, dust, and builders and materials transported in and out of site daily, bothering the community around you as much as yourself.

We seek to contribute to a better quality of life, healthier communities, happier people and diversity resulting in smart cities, where human needs – mental and physical – are the core values.

KODA Compact Micro with cross-s interior

Same as other recent KODA models, your Compact Micro is a timber frame house that has everything necessary already fitted into the space, neutral tones and minimalist design. In addition, all KODAs are dynamic universal spaces that are smart as they can be uninstalled, moved, and re-installed to provide people and communities with more flexibility to relocate and repurpose. Intrigued by all the possibilities?
Download KODA Compact Micro factsheet here >>>