New York based Kodasema LLC to serve the Americas

Kodasema LLC founders

With the tiny housing movement’s steady growth in the US, we’ve been experiencing growing interest in KODAs from the US for some time now. Earlier this year, we announced Kodasema US joint venture was in the making, and this September, Kodasema LLC was founded between our treasured partner Nomad Modular LLC and Kodasema USA Inc. This joint venture is the result of a year-long collaboration, and today we’re finally able to say: we’re accepting orders for both North and South America, with KODAs to be shipped within 16 weeks as of contractual commitment.

The first KODA US model to be handed to client in December 2020 in California.

Whilst in Europe KODAs are exclusively timber frame, in the US, we are adding different structural technologies to best serve the market and its most various climate conditions and building codes. Still, the look, feel and touch of the KODA with exceptional R-values will remain true to the brand, its design and architecture. The KODA US is being engineered in panelised technologies, using metal frame and/or SIP panels out of 3 North American production units in Brooklyn, New York; Calgary, Canada and Portland, Oregon. The cementized magnesium oxide SIP that approximates the look of concrete, is especially valuable for those who are after the look of the original KODA Concrete.

Employing various technologies, manufacturers in North America have been busy preparing KODA to best cater to the needs of different climate conditions, to make it durable for stacking and even high-rise. Kodasema values collaboration with industry leaders, such as smart solar technologies and household electrical suppliers.

We will be launching KODA Loft and KODA Loft Extended models in the US, to begin with followed by KODA Compact soon. Our first KODA US models will be shipped to upstate New York and Cupertino, California as soon as December 2020.

NB! KODA Loft version in the US is at 395 sq ft a bit larger than in Europe, taking KODA Loft Extended to 553 sq ft. Base price begins at US$95,000 for KODA Loft and US$125,000 for KODA Loft Extended (all ex factory pricing without tax). To get detailed US model and pricing information, go to Kodasema US webpage

In the Americas, Kodasema is selling directly to consumers. Additionally, via select partnerships, Kodasema will engage in sustainable project developments, for example retirement home communities, regenerative and future cities initiatives.

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Photo: Partners of Kodasema LLC in the USA from left: Stanley Young, COO; Brian Dawson, CEO; Birgit Linnamäe, CEO Global; Hannes Tamjärv, Kodasema founder. Photo taken in a KODA house earlier in 2020.