Meet the new KODA team in Ireland 🇮🇪

KODA Ireland team

It’s our pleasure to be introducing you to our new team in Ireland, who have taken over the leads and will be working with you on Irish projects.

Jilly and Jost are the new Irish KODA team, both architects with a great track record in award-winning architectural projects in Ireland. They are both passionate about good design with a focus on functionality.

They’ve enjoyed travelling with their three sons throughout Europe in the past few years and experimenting with a wide range of tiny houses along the way, particularly as Covid-19 rendered hotel-holidays temporarily defunct. A positive side-result to the pandemic: they experienced the value of the tiny home concept, as they feel it combines togetherness with essential living. A natural fit with the KODA philosophy!

Climbing rental costs and construction prices in Ireland, particularly in city centres, have led to the need for alternative solutions in the housing market. Coupled with this is the absence of well-designed, sustainable, prefabricated options available to the Irish public, who are increasingly aware of the value of good design.

Jilly and Jost had been searching for a high quality product to meet this gap in the market and decided on the clean lines and sharp detailing of KODAs. The range of ready-to-go models and their modular nature allows for flexibility to suit a multitude of functions and user requirements, fully meeting Irish market demands.

This valuable team of two can be reached under the following contacts:

endee | agents for KODA IRELAND
Jost Hullmann
+353 1 8422375