Multifunctional KODA: a covid-testing center

Covid testing in KODA

Tallinn: At the city-centre passenger port where an urban block of KODAs is located, yet another new function has been attributed to KODA – one of the tiny houses has been turned into a Covid-19 testing center. Due to expanding demand, the well-known innovative medical centre Confido was in need of a quick solution for a pop-up clinic, and found KODA the perfect solution. At the pop-up clinic, ferry, boat and yacht passengers have easy access to covid-testing prior to their trip from Tallinn Port. We at Kodasema consider this as our contribution to keeping the world safer.

Confido Medical Centre was founded in 2013 by doctors who realised that the national healthcare system only focuses on treating diseases. At Confido, they focus on protecting and maintaining people’s health and improving their quality of life. Confido’s employees are general practitioners, specialised doctors and specialists in their field, who provide a fast and high-quality service. The company has grown significantly since its foundation and now comprises various healthcare companies under the Confido Healthcare Group.

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