Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Photo credit Kelli Roosimägi, Tõnu Tunnel

Dear KODA fans! What a year this has been for all of us, living with the pandemic. We are all experiencing our homes in new ways. Life might not have returned to “normal”, but it does feel we’ve learned to change and adapt as a society, on a whole new level. Whilst everyone of us has felt grief and worry, it has made us stronger and more resilient. We can also look forward to the future, hopeful that the challenges have made us rethink opportunities and growth. And perhaps rediscover ourselves as members of a community – or several ones – as the resilience of a community to put up with hardship is much more sustainable than that of one person alone.

What does the future hold? Even more, we need to work together more closely to make cities and communities safe and sustainable again, and to start building houses and whole cities in an environmentally responsible way. We need communities that are built to meet the needs of everyone – including women, children, the elderly, and ensure a safe home for everyone, so we can learn and grow as a society.

Thankful for all your support and trust, we at Kodasema remain positive and hopeful in this journey of learning, growth, opportunities and collaboration.

Wishing you healthy, safe and happy living experiences in 2022!

Birgit Linnamäe and the Kodasema team

❄️ Drawing by Katrina Raiend, visualisation by Getter Raiend ❄️