Meet the twins!

AuveTech self driving car - soon in a KODA showroom and office

As we have shown earlier, KODAs can be easily connected via an internal door, and we have just finished installing one such project in Tallinn, Estonia.

To help Kodasema partner Auve Tech set up an office to showcase their amazing next-generation self-driving vehicles, we connected two KODA Lofts to create an office+showroom setup – still work-in-progress before official launch. So whatever it is that you need the extra space for – an office, an extra room, or – in this case – space for your self-driving shuttle, we can figure it out by connecting a few offsite-built, turnkey KODA houses. The future of living and working is what you make it to be.

And those of you enthusiastic about the future of transport as well as city-building – keep an eye on Auve Tech: they have several self-driving shuttles now officially road-approved in Estonia! Stay tuned for Europe. Visit Auve Tech