Kodasema to launch a new compact KODA

To unlock the sites and lots with more complex road access, Kodasema is now launching a solution with a lowered height – the KODA Compact series in both 7 metre and the Extended version of 12 metre length.

Lowering the KODA to 3100 mm  has several advantages over the traditional KODA height of 4000mm. Primarily enabling access to locations where tunnels, bridges, power lines and trees are restrictive or particularly distant market locations. Equally important is the compliance with stricter building code in case of stacking. It makes a big difference if 2 KODAs on top of each other total 8 metres versus 7 metres. This, in turn enables optimisation of investment of the KODA Park owners to get a better yield on their capital invested.

With its ceiling of 2500mm, the KODA Compact  serves as a spacious studio, whereas the KODA Compact Extended is a full-size apartment with a separate bedroom at the back end. Both enjoy the functionality of a fully equipped kitchen, shower room and smartly engineered optimisation of space.

In addition to a more affordable selling price, the height of the KODA coming down from 4m to 3.1 m will also reduce the costs of heating and transport (avoiding the need for low-bed vehicles) hence making the KODA in itself more affordable.

Additionally, leaving out the mezzanine level brings everything down to earth, making the KODAs more practical and suitable for people who prefer or need to live without stairs.

KODA retains its award winning cube architecture of sleek lines, yet being spacious at the same time.

Download the fact sheets for the KODA Compact and KODA Compact Extended.

All KODA Compact orders before Christmas get a 5% discount.