KODA production now certified by KIWA and BMFcert

KODA production certified by KIWA and BMFcert

Meeting the highest European construction standards when we build your KODAs is a vital part of our work. This is our way to prove to our customers that all KODAs have been produced bearing in mind the most strict requirements of engineering, building physics and CE-certified materials, combining it with the branded and award-winning architecture of KODA.

This is why we’re happy to announce KODA has now also successfully passed the inspections of the certification organisations KIWA Inspecta and BMFcert GmbH (retained Ü-Mark certificate, originally obtained in 2019).

Kiwa is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), who creates trust in customers’ products, services, processes, (management) systems and environmental performance. KIWA is a recognizable international quality organization with a complete TIC portfolio, including training, data and consultancy services. KIWA is part of the global TIC top 20 and is a Global Board member of the international TIC Council. The certificate issued to Kodasema bears the number 2021 | No. 12357-01.

BMFcert GmbH is a monitoring and certification body according to State Building Code and EU Construction Product Regulations in Germany. The Certificate of Compliance for KODA bears the number 15006-HT-2021-1 and confirms that the wall, ceiling and roofing elements comply with technical rules published in the administrative rules for technical construction regulations.

We keep on improving our KODAs as well as updating the certificates annually, to meet the highest standards of house construction!