Map of delivering KODAs across Europe

For all locations in Europe, place your order before June 10th and get a 5% discount on all KODA models – get your key and pack to move in by 1 August, 2020! All orders are confirmed with a prepayment. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how to order your own KODA.

Before you order a KODA, you must ensure the following items:
1) Secure the land or parcel: buy or rent it.
2) Submit a building application to receive a building permit (licence). 3) Ensure connection to electricity, water and waste-water is available.

Ordering your KODA in 5 easy steps:

1. Select KODA model and project scope
Here’s where you decide on the size and equipment of your KODA house – and whether you need just the one, or several.

2. Receive personalised and formal KODA offer
Once we have enough info about your project and preferred detailing, we will send you a personalised KODA offer and cost estimate.

3. Confirm your KODA order
Confirm your KODA order by signing a sales contract and making the first payment.

4. KODA Production and shipping
Kodasema produces the houses specifically for your project. KODA is shipped to your site by sea/road, wrapped in plastic.

5. Installation
Site preparation – ground supports underneath KODA, allowing for better airflow – is done by your local contractor; we provide necessary drawings. Water, waste-water (sewage) and electricity connections are done by your local contractor.

Move in!

Place your order by contacting us at sales@kodasema.com