KODA Loft showroom now in the Netherlands

KODA Loft Showroom in Netherlands_Photo by Olav Wiggers

A new KODA Loft has been delivered to the Netherlands, to become the first KODA Loft showroom in the country. While Germany has been Kodasema’s key market in recent years, Netherlands is now closely catching up with a KODA hotel development at Landgraaf, making the new KODA Loft showroom in Ouddorp an excellent opportunity to explore KODA in person for anyone else looking for compact housing.

Kodasema sales partners at KODA Netherlands, Olav Wiggers and Johan Mulder say that in order to further relieve pressure on the housing market, local regulations are becoming increasingly more welcoming towards compact housing. This means that the installation and getting all the necessary permits for KODA is also becoming easier, making KODA houses a growingly attractive choice for developers in any area. “I am sure we will KODAfy the world rapidly now,” says Olav who fell in love with KODA design upon his first encounter in 2016. “The architecture, the minimalism and the very high quality, everything felt good from the first moment on,” he adds.

Read about KODA in Dutch and reach out to Kodasema Sales partners in the Netherlands:

KODA Netherlands | Wonen in Hout b.v.
Johan Mulder
E-Mail: netherlands@kodasema.com
Tel: +313 5609 0903
Mob: +316 5317 3589

Location of the KODA Netherlands Showroom at Vakantiepark De Klepperstee, Ouddorp

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