KODA Loft Micro Spring Offer!

KODA Loft Micro cross section

Kodasema’s most enquired model during the past months is now available with a special offer:

KODA Loft Micro ‘plug and play’
starting from 56,600€ + VAT, including average European delivery.

*region based variations may apply

Equipment*:  interior finish, sanitary equipment (shower, toilet), kitchenette with minibar, compact dishwasher, stovetop, kitchen hood, loft sleeping area, full glass facade with a sliding door / window, water heater, ventilation system, 2 openable windows in the rear part of the house.

Purchase in early June >>> receive in August 2021.

Offer valid exclusively in Europe until June 8, 2021.

Place your order with us now via sales@kodasema.com