KODA Loft Micro ready for shipping!

KODA Loft Micro at night By Tõnu Tunnel

…receive in time for the travel season!

This is as fast as it gets! It’s also your easiest chance to set up a holiday or rental house already by Summer 2023. There are a couple of EU spec KODA Loft Micro houses – the smallest KODA we always try to keep in stock – available for immediate shipping. What’s the Micro all about, take a look in the walkthrough video >>>

Have you ever considered becoming a hospitality entrepreneur? Owning and renting out spaces has enabled many people to gain more financial independence, relatively quickly. Trying out something new can also be a great source of inspiration for one’s daily job. Read more about people’s experiences with short term rental properties on Airbnb.

Just a few properties may set you free. The cash flow potential for vacation rentals is substantially higher than what traditional real estate investments produce, and with our KODA Loft Micro, your business will be up and running in almost no time at all.

KODA Loft Micro is a prefabricated movable house at 19.9 m2, designed with energy-efficiency in mind for all year round living, so your guests can capture the best of both the winter and summer season! Its small size and thus relatively low transport and lifting costs when compared to the logistics of larger modular houses make it truly easy to also move to another location in the future, if needed.

Here’s what’s included in the houses on stock:

  • heating (with a wifi floor heating controller) and cooling
  • pre-installed bathroom with toilet, vanity sink, shower and a glas shower door
  • a kitchenette with a fridge, stove top and a kitchen hood
  • 3-layered windows and glass door, letting in lots of light, giving the house spacious feel characteristic to KODA Lofts
  • corner-mounted LEDs with additional lights/lamps with installation available upon request.

NB! To better provide for our vacation rental business owners, we can also fully furnish these KODA Loft Micros: sofas or beds, curtains and coffee tables, and other furniture. This saves you time and energy, when setting up the rental.

Start your MICRO purchase! >>> sales@kodasema.com