KODA Loft & Loft Micro offer: for fast orders, delivery in 2022!

KODA Loft Micro on sunset background_Photo credit_TonuTunnel

Time to make your tiny lifestyle dream come true!

Lock your order for however many KODA Loft Micro and KODA Loft houses you’d like, and have your new houses delivered by Christmas. And yes, it will be the last chance to make your purchase with 2022 prices, so don’t ponder for too long!

Here’s why KODA Loft Micro and KODA Loft are awesome:

KODA Loft Micro: turn-key for the true tiny home lifestyle

It is a real design and architecture challenge to design a home so small: so of course our Kodasema designers had to tackle it! Our KODA Loft Micros come with a kitchenette, a shower room, storage space, a separate sleeping area and a lounge area – all just under 20 sqm. Its pocket-size buildable-area allows for significantly easier permit procedures in many countries. Its tiny scale also makes KODA Loft Micro more cost-efficient to move, lift and deliver to plots accessible only via narrow roads.

KODA Loft Micro in numbers:
Gross buildable area 19,95 sqm | Usable floor area 18,26 sqm

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Experience KODA Loft Micro yourself:
>>> Tessenderlo, Belgium
>>> Neeme, Estonia

KODA Loft: the flagship KODA design with all the award-winning features

KODA Loft by Thiago Murphy

The KODA Lofts come with a kitchen, a shower room, storage space, a separate sleeping area and a lounge area – all on 26 sqm. It is a more convenient and luxurious KODA with more space on the mezzanine and a bigger kitchen. The KODA Loft also serves a variety of functions: shop, café, office and accommodation unit not only for short term but convenient also for long term use.

KODA Loft in numbers:
Gross buildable area 28,8 sqm | Usable floor area 26,7 sqm

>>> Learn more in the KODA Loft brochure

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Experience KODA Loft yourself:
>>> Höchst, Austria
>>> Tallinn, Estonia
>>> Altkalen, Germany
>>> Lofoten, Norway

To order:
1. contact us via sales@kodasema.com and send us your delivery address
2. confirm desired equipment
3. receive a formal personalised offer
4. confirm your order by making 1st payment
5. prepare site (in Germany: for the Structural Stability Assessment Report, Standsicherheitsbericht, contact certified engineer Mr Ralf Steinmetz for a personalised offer)
6. receive KODA

Campaign rules:
Applicable for European deliveries only
No minimum order
First come, first serve
Offer available until production slots last
Kodasema reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and limit the campaign
Delivery restrictions and cost variations may apply