KODA in UN Environment Programme Report

KODA_collage_in_UN _report

It is a proud moment for Kodasema to be noticed by the United Nations Environment programme. This time we were honoured to be highlighted in the Practical Guide to Climate-resilient Buildings & Communities as an example of a factory-constructed small footprint house.

The guidance has been developed because there is a recognized need to spot and share good practices for climate-resilient buildings in communities that may suffer from a deficit of professionally trained architects, engineers, and other practitioners. As it has been one of the missions of Kodasema to bring good quality architecture and buildings to masses quickly – and the global housing situation needs quick and sustainable solutions – we are particularly glad that these topics have been addressed at such a high level and with such a broad perspective.

It is also stated that the factory-constructed houses such as KODA leave a smaller footprint in terms of transport pollution, worker safety, reduced construction waste and urban noise. A building that can be uninstalled, moved, and re-installed can provide communities with more flexibility to relocate as needed when faced with disasters and a changing climate. People’s mental and physical well-being increases significantly when having the sense of community and belonging in a healthy and safe environment.

It is clear that KODA is to be categorised under Modern Methods of Construction (#MMC), which according to NHBC Foundation range from whole homes being constructed from factory-built volumetric modules,  as well as onsite techniques that provide alternatives to traditional house building.

They state that the 2017 UK Government White Paper expressed support for the contribution MMC is expected to help solving the nation’s housing crisis and achieve the step-change in housing output that is needed. It pointed to the potential for a 30% improvement in the speed of construction of new homes through the adoption of innovation, with a potential 25% reduction in costs, as well as the potential for advances in improving quality and energy efficiency.

Hence the improvement in solving housing crises as well as simplifying the installation of high quality architecture in areas where there is a deficit of specialist professionals in the field of construction, is a field where Kodasema team would passionately contribute.

Read the full United Nations report