KODA Connected

KODAs Connected_front view

Ever heard of legolisation construction? The term was coined by Dutch pro- fessor Hennes de Ridder in 2011 – Legolisering van de bouw – referring to buildings being made of smart blocks. There are numerous examples such as Boklok – a collaboration between Ikea and Skanska and Kite Bricks by an Israeli company.

KODA houses are not made of blocks – however, we can consider KODA houses themselves as blocks. So you can legolise your housing solution by adding a multi-purpose KODA, or a few, or removing one. Place your KODA on top or next to another KODA to create more space, just as you would build with blocks.

KODAs can cater for an infinite number of functions that vary from home, office, café, shop, hair salon, yoga studio, each with a separate entrance – as it would suit the current times. Or you could opt for even more versatile solutions when connecting two or more of the minimalist units for a bigger space. This will create 2-3 bedroom homes or an accommodation setting. Alternatively, the solution allows you to have a private home office right next to wherever you are located. So where and what would you build out of KODA blocks?