KODA Compact Extended 3-in-1 with three hotel rooms

KODA Compact Extended Hotel

Hotel and hospitality industry have gone through quite a change over the last years due to booking platforms, sharing economy and now the pandemic. The rise of movements such as minimalism, tiny house living and the digi-nomadic lifestyle indicates that housing-as-a-service is the trend towards 2030. KODA community responds to some of the changes in demand on the market extremely well – it is high quality and its design, due to the size, feels personal, unique.

Why 3-in-1? This model offers hotel operators 3 different types of room for rent: a larger, a smaller and a family suite due to the connecting double door in between the two rooms. Just slide the airy cabinetry away and leave the pass-through open.

The advantage of the modular metal frame plywood furniture is that you can separate the cabinetry and use the entire house as a single space – or in two parts. You can also opt to work in front of the window, enjoy a sitting area with the view outside, or work in the office corner. Both rooms have either a kitchenette or snack corner so you are comfortable receiving business guests as well as spending downtime with family or friends.

You are not staying in an ‘accommodation factory’, but rather a small villa. There’s privacy, and the feeling of safety, because you have your own entrance directly to your room, with no need to share an elevator or stand in line at the check-in. These are definitely aspects the client values today more than ever. From the hotel operators point of view, a design such as KODA is flexible: you can place your hotel rooms around the city, responding rapidly to demand, and combine KODA’s various exterior finishes to fit into any urban fabric or bring versatility to an area. Regulators may not want everything to look the same – or, on the contrary, may require your development to fit in: KODA can deliver both.

As for preferring prefab, there’s also the environmental aspect. On-location, old-style construction tends to stall surrounding city life: builders, materials and machinery need to be transported in and out daily, there’s noise pollution, which makes for nervous neighbours. KODA follows modern methods of construction (MMC): turnkey modular house units are built off-site in a construction factory and take significantly less time to set up on location.

Whether you call it prefab or MMC, it’s faster on-location and data shows it may be up to 15-20% less expensive. You do all your pre-planning and site design, and then the house construction factory does the thing it excels at. Once your KODAs arrive, you unwrap, have your future hotel lifted into the right place, connect the mains, and your hotel or community is pretty much ready to go.

With modular design, you can add or transform hotel rooms with much less hassle, compared to regular construction.

Download fact sheet for KODA Compact Extended Hotel 3in1.