KODA at an art biennial

It has been a while since Kodasema has participated in an event with an actual KODA. Therefore, we were very excited to receive an invitation from the 8th Artishok Biennial curators to include a KODA at the event taking place from September 29th to October 30th 2022 at the Tallinn Botanic Garden. The invitation was even more intriguing as the theme of the biennial is “Botanical Witnesses” and it coincides nicely with the core principles of Kodasema: to decrease one’s footprint and be mindful of our consumption. With a shift from producing concrete houses to timber frame KODAs and focussing on wood as the main raw material, we help KODA customers to contribute to a healthier planet.

KODA Loft Micro at Artishok Art Biennale Photo by Mari Volens

Artishok Biennial “Botanical Witnesses” is a dynamic exhibition format connecting selected artists and writers on a shared platform as well as experimenting with their relationships since 2008. The new artworks created specially for the biennial form the central exhibition that will be paired with texts, offering the visitors a hundred different ways for interpreting these artworks.

According to the curator of the biennial Ann Mirjam Vaikla, they chose a KODA for the event as it resonated well with the programme and the essence of the biennial. “We were looking for a contemporary hub that would create an intriguing dialogue with being located at the botanical garden, as well as be a central gathering point for the visitors. It represents Estonian design and is a significant structure on its own. Also, the meaning of the word KODA /home, shelter in Estonian/ seemed like a good welcoming point for our guests,” she adds.

Photos by Mari Volens.

We invite all of you to explore the biennial in person or online!