KODA as investment

KODA as an investment

Our first leasing-financed KODA buyer makes a successful exit and is happy to share his experience. Kuuno Lotamõis: “Looking for different investment opportunities is an interesting task for every investor. The technology and automation of the original KODA in its early days raised great interest as it seemed so new, ahead of our time, and green – different from your average real-estate project. The idea to buy one for myself rose pretty spontaneously. I was inspired by Hannes Tamjärv, Kodasema Founder, when he mentioned a whole new approach to real-estate – movable KODA to be financed just like a car. Reviewing different types of funding options, a light bulb lit in my head. Why not get one for myself – initially as an investment, that could be a good getaway later, by the sea or woods somewhere.

Kuuno Lotamõis
Kuuno Lotamõis

We discussed funding options and LHV Pank came up as a very innovative and friendly bank. They were so open to the project that a testing loan-product was especially designed for this project – a KODA lease option. In simple terms it was like leasing a car, but you actually get a movable fully equipped house with a kitchen, furniture, TV, etc. We sent some emails back and forth, the whole process was signed, down payment transferred, and I was a proud owner of a KODA house very quickly. My KODA was set up as part of the very first KODA village, used as an automated hotel villa solution: book, get access code, enjoy your stay right in the middle of Tallinn.

For me it was even simpler, to collect monthly rent (7% yield) and seek new opportunities. One KODA is good, several are even better.”

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