Holland welcomes KODA with Less Tax and More Flexibility for Fast Homes

KODA concrete light interior_photo by TonuTunnel.com

Koers Groep recently became a partner and representative in the Ben- elux of KODA houses. The modular, prefabricated solutions, which are easy to transport and install, are a welcomed solution to contemporary housing, office, and recreational space needs in Holland.

“It signals a new trend where temporary housing with a character of permanence is gaining ground. You can respond quickly, efficiently and in stages to changes in function or use,” says director Harold Koers of introducing KODA to the Benelux region.

KODA was developed as a response to the ever-grow- ing concept of sustainable and smart housing.

“The concept has a minimal ecological footprint due to its compact yet spacious design. KODA Park communities can be set up quickly and easily and relocated just as easily,” explains Birgit Linnamäe, CEO of Kodasema.

“Compared to the automotive industry, major steps can still be taken in the real estate field in terms of modular platforms — smart, scalable pro- duction methods, yet broad employability. What we at Koers learn from technology is that the most important driver is change and innovation, and that we are moving towards the legalization and industrialization of construction. With KODA, we are on the front lines,” concludes Koers.

Photo credit: Tõnu Tunnel