Harmet and Kodasema to serve jointly large developments in Europe


The collaboration marks an increase in KODA affordability and quality for large-scale projects and unveils Harmet’s super factory – a hidden gem – as a name, image and production power.

Since KODA Concrete switchover to timber frame in Europe, Kodasema has been focussing on architecture, design and engineering to get away from production. Now only a small-scale production is run by ourselves.

To serve large developments such as hotels, apartment buildings and senior homes, Kodasema and Harmet have started collaboration where Harmet produces KODAs on their lines based on KODA handbook and design patent.

This is one of many initiatives to externally manufacture KODA to be increasingly affordable, dynamic and nearer to the market.

Harmet, the largest wooden modular house producer in the Baltics, is a company with 28 years of experience, over 800 employees and a capacity of 7,000 modules a year.

Serving clients out of 3 production units in 2 countries has the advantage of being able to incorporate custom projects – scalable amount of different grade modules is run through Harmet’s line.

The innovation is that with its timber frame technology, Harmet has panelised  the production of KODA walls. This gives efficiency and added quality with automation in the production for orders that range 75 units and more. If you plan a hotel, apartment building or senior home that consists of several units, the smaller amount of units are produced in the Kodasema  small facilities.

Trademark KODA by Kodasema
Founded:  2013
Patented award-winning design
8 global awards
8 KODA models
KODAs in Europe and the Americas
Distribution in 21 countries, 2 continents
1 million website visitors*

*target 2020


Founded: 1992
No. of employees: over 800
No. of factories: 5
Total production area: 48,000 m2
Annual production capacity: 200,000 m2
350 modules per month
2018 revenues: 85 MEUR

Kodasema aims at partnering with innovative technology companies in construction, solar and battery, water purification (offgrid), home-automation globally.

Equally – contact us at Harmet for 500+ more unit annual modular requirements.

Send your inquiries to sales@kodasema.com

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Harmet super factory and KODA photos