A fully equipped bathroom in every KODA


We keep saying “KODA arrives at your desired destination turn-key”, but what does that actually mean? Well, it stands for a house that is ready-for-moving in.

This means, among many other things, that your bathroom – usually something that takes a while to build and set up – arrives fully-finished, already tiled with high quality ceramic tiles and fittings and fixtures by Grohe and PAA Mii (for Europe; other brands of equivalent quality are available for other destinations).

Our main design features the fixtures in black matte finish for shower and sink, however one can also opt for a chrome version. Every KODA also includes a 65L water boiler; upon request, this can be substituted with an instantaneous water boiler.

All you need to arrange on-location is have your new KODA connected to your local electricity, water and wastewater system, and you are set for a shower.

Our largest house, the KODA Loft Extended, goes an extra mile by including a vanity sink cabinet in your bathroom for bathroom storage space.

The standard KODA bathroom always has a hand shower included; for the premium version we add an overhead rain shower, both by the Danish Damixa brand.

Our premium equipment also includes a glass shower door, which we recommend to our customers. A premium toilet is also possible with a round-shaped wall-hung toilet bowl; and we can add bathroom accessories for a fully convenient experience. More detailed KODA brochures available on request at our sales team.

So, this is what a standard KODA fully-furnished, part of the turn-key experience bathroom looks and feels like; with some glimpses at that extra comfort the premium solutions have to offer. What would you like in your KODA bathroom? Take a look at the different KODA models and make your bathroom-choices now.