First KODA showrooms installed in Austria

KODA showrooms arrived in Austria

With winter approaching, KODA Loft and KODA Loft Extended show houses have been delivered to Vorarlberg, in the triangle of Austria, Bavaria, Lichtenstein, ​making Vorarlberg the first location in Austria for Kodasema. Kodasema’s distribution partner Immco will soon be installing 8 KODA Loft Extended models that sleep three people on mere 38 m2​ ​.

The Vorarlberg development is an excellent showcase of how flexible KODAs with their clean contemporary design fit just as perfectly into a picturesque mountainous landscape as they do into a more urban setting. Take a virtual tour of the sample house in Vorarlberg at ​​ or plan a visit to the site in Vorarlberg.

“Unbelievable, what fits into such a small, affordable house. This is ideal for singles, couples, best agers or investors – investment, airbnb, land development, as well as hotels” says ​Manuel Hehle​, CEO of Immco, trading as ​KODA Austria​.

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