Financing your KODA purchase – tips!

KODA Business Hotel in Austria

We are glad to see an increasing number of banks supporting KODA buyers in financing their KODAs, whether for permanent living or for a hospitality rental venture. For those of you looking into this option: it has been important to reference that KODA is an award-winning factory-made modular turnkey house that may be fastened to foundations. Banks seem to question financing movable houses, houses-on-wheels or light-structured tiny houses.

Therefore, you may want to clarify the classification of your KODA as a permanent modular house, without wheels. It is equally important that KODAs are certified by Ü-Mark – BMF in Germany, KIWA Inspecta in Finland, and built for year-round living (read more about KODA insulation later in this issue of our newsletter). All materials and components used in the production of KODA are CE certified and of highest quality, we use passive house triple-glazed windows and have excellent U values in our KODA walls, ceilings and floors.

Here’s a list of a few banks that have recently financed purchases of KODAs among our buyers*:

GLS Bank in Germany,
Dornbirner Sparkasse Bank AG,
Raiffeisenbank Montfort,
Raiffeisenbank amKumma eGen in Austria,
LHV and Swedbank in Estonia.

*If you have a bank involved in financing your KODAs, do not hesitate to let us know to add to the list.

So if you are planning on acquiring KODAs, don’t hesitate to reach out to a financial institution for supporting the purchase. Kodasema is happy to provide you with relevant documentation about the quality, materials and certification of our houses.