Construction Factory Harmet now producing large-scale KODA orders

KODAs in production at Harmet factory

To serve large developments – hotels, apartment buildings and senior homes – experienced Estonian construction factory Harmet and Kodasema have started collaboration where Harmet produces KODAs on their production lines, based on award-winning KODA by Kodasema handbook and design patent.

Affordability and sustainability are critical when serving the global housing need in an environmentally friendly way, and teaming up with Harmet allows large-scale KODA projects just that.

Alo Tamm, Harmet CEO said: “The collaboration with Kodasema is an example of Harmet’s new initiatives of developing across sectors by offering our expertise in affordable high-quality off-site housing production as one of the largest players in Europe. Companies need to work together to provide better and quicker housing solutions in a sustainable way. I believe this is the start of a long and impactful value adding partnership between Harmet and Kodasema.”

Birgit Linnamäe, Kodasema CEO added that the collaboration marks an increase in KODA affordability as well as quality for large-scale projects in a sustainable way, unveiling Harmet’s super factory as a name, image, know-how and production power.

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