Calling Finland and Sweden: looking for KODA Sales and Development partners!

KODA Compact models stacked

Both Finland and Sweden are culturally and geographically speaking as well as in foreign trade among the closest countries to Estonia and Kodasema, thus we strive to strengthen KODA’s presence in both countries. Nordic investors have been visiting KODA Park in Tallinn and shared their experience of staying at KODAstay micro hotel in Tallinn, with some of them stating that this is a model that could be set up almost anywhere in Finland and Sweden.

Camping accommodation, holiday homes and rental apartments could be among the functions for KODA houses in Sweden and Finland. Also, being a premium plug-and-play hotel room that only needs to be shipped and con- nected to the grid, KODA makes for an excellent add-on option for hotels look- ing to expand flexibly. Get in touch with KODA team to find out more about becoming a partner in the KODA network!

To contribute into bringing KODA to Sweden and Finland contact us at