Big Sun Modular announces partnership and licensing agreement with Kodasema and hiring of Brian Dawson as President

KODA as an investment

KODA by Kodasema®, an award winning sustainable modular housing solution, will be offered in the Americas by Big Sun Modular as of January 2022.

Big Sun Modular- a subsidiary of Black Buffalo 3D and member of Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc.– today announced that they will become the exclusive KODA by Kodasema® licensee in the Americas. The modular houses will be built in existing facilities in Brooklyn, NY, Portland, OR, Monterrey, Mexico and Calgary, Canada. KODA is made available in volumetric and prefab and soon to follow in 3D printed versions. The new offerings will expand upon Big Sun Modular’s existing portfolio and allow its customers to select the footprint and style that best fits their needs.

KODA prioritizes a minimalist nordic design approach without sacrificing functionality. The houses are designed in Estonia and have been adapted to exceed local building codes and energy requirements. All models can be configured as a residence, commercial space, café or pop-up and repurposed many times over.  KODAs are turnkey and engineered for minimal environmental impact. They also qualify as ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in many jurisdications.

“Kodasema’s model of sustainable building practices fit in extremely well with Big Sun Modular and Black Buffalo 3D’s vision to create a smarter and more sustainable society.” remarked Michael Woods, CEO/COO of Big Sun Modular. “We look forward to working directly with the team in Estonia to make these units available across the Americas and collaborate on future approaches to minimalist living.”

“The opportunity for Kodasema to partner with Big Sun Modular and leverage their expertise in environmentally friendly construction technology is very exciting,” remarked Birgit Linnamae, CEO of Kodasema. “The partnership plays well with our initiative to help solve the housing shortage in the Americas by allowing new sustainable and well designed housing solutions into urban planning scene and putting the best design and technology to good use – for the benefit of American people.”

In addition to the partnership and expansion of Big Sun Modular’s prefab offerings, the companies jointly announced that current CEO & co-founder of Kodasema LLC., Brian Dawson, will become the President of Big Sun Modular. Brian has significant experience in startups focused on sustainability, ESG, and social corporate responsibility. He has been a member in the Kodasema group of companies since 2019.

Big Sun Modular

Big Sun Modular is a subsidiary of Black Buffalo 3D Corporation. Its mission is to provide attainable buildings that can be used as primary housing, retail, commercial spaces or accessory dwelling units. Our business works in partnership with leading providers of modular building design to select the best examples of functional modular units from around the world. KODA by Kodasema® designs will build on the portfolio of Big Sun Modular which currently includes the coodo moon by LTG Lofts to Go. For more information please subscribe to our updates on

Kodasema OÜ

Kodasema OÜ, a multi-disciplinary architecture, design and engineering firm from Estonia, a small Baltic state and the world leader in digitization,  creates innovative living and housing solutions. Kodasema’s mission is to make cities and communities livable and sustainable  producing houses in an environmentally responsible way. Simplicity and freedom – are the values that KODA houses offer on a small footprint. For immediate information on pricing and availability in the Americas visit: 


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